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10th-May-2010 11:48 pm - Minho part 2
so i had a GREAT dream last night. so basically tthis is what went down:

So i was apparently a part of this foreign exchange program with koreans, and they were shipping some over to us, and Shinee was part of the batch of kids doing the exchange, so i was at the airport with my cousins picking up my "korean," in hopes of landing a Shinee! and GUESS WHO I GOT?! MINHO! he was walking out of the airport with his suitcase in hand in jeans, sneakers and a clean ass shirt<3 with a cute hat on:] and SHAAAAAADES! it was like FACK MY LIFE. and he walked up to me saying that he was my korean. and then out of nowhere, his "older brother" came runnning out right after, and tell me why i imagined it to be Shorry J from Mighty Mouth? HAAAhah. and then it looked like i got a two for one deal, so the were both gnna be LIVING with me!<3 and form personality wise, Shorry J was the kiddy little one while Minho was the more amture one. which i am not surprise about. And then on the car ride back home, which was long. i sat in the back with the Choi brothers. so i was in the middle with Shorry J on my left and Minho on my right. So i eventually  fell in and out of sleep during the car ride, and my head eventually leaned towards minho's shoulders, and in my head i wasnt sleeping and knew or "saw" what was happening around me. minho was looking out of the window while Shorry J was KTFO leaning aganst the car window. and then somehow i was thinking of the Shampoo brand Pantene Pro-V, and then i wake up to Minho asking if they can go gets some, and just bringing Pantene Pro-V to mind, and i was like "Oh byeah, i was just thinking about that," and htat part was hella randomn! HAHHA

then it jumps to the next scene where im at home, and we had a BIG family party at my house for the Minho's and Shorry J's arrival! And my parents seemed all fine with it and everything<# (if onyl dreams would come true ina heartbeat!) so minho was kicking it with my cousins, but he didn't really talk much. i guess he was shy and dint know that much people. and let me tell you their ENGLISH WAS HAAAAAAAAWT! hella clean. so then my cousin joe said something about me, basiclly making fun of me in front of minho so i got hella mad and started chasing him around. and FYI al my cousins are scared of me, so they wouldnnt fight back with me, but just give in. So i was chasing joe around, because we get kind rowdy, without forgeetting that minho was there. i jump on joes back and he THEN starts to fightback, and making it hella embarassing for me when i fell down. that fcker. so i turned hella red, or i felt it int he face. and then everyone was laughing including minho-_____________- i was sooooo embarassed! but then he came over to me and offered his hand and helped me up. He asked if i was okay and i said i was, and he didnnt let go of my hannd either and we walked back to my cousins.... it was sooooooooo CUTE! ad then my fcking sister had to come into my room and wake me up for school 5 minutes earlierr than i was suppose. so i was mad. bc once i wake up from a good dream, i wont be able to go back to it no matter how hard i try! BOOOOO IN!:p
10th-Nov-2009 11:28 pm - 4CthePower Gamblerz workshop
Finally i got home today in the evening. but boy oh boy was this a weekend to remeber.. i really should be studying or doing some  homework since i've missed two days of school and plus my calculas exam-____-. but whatever it was all sooo worth it! so let me start from the beggning and lets start with my day on friday<3

so it was friday and for the past two days, since i MamaD came to my house to talk to my mom<3 which i am so grateful for! i've been longing to be in LA foreaaal. the two days seemed to go by soo fcking slow. but nonetheless i was super excited for saturday to come. but i guess it was all good cos i had a lot to do as well. SO friday school happened and i had work right after and then later that night was my school's last football home game. MY LAST home football game and it was seniors night. and WINNIE cheche was gnna sleepover cos were both were gnna go to LA together. so i was hoping that she'd get dropped off at eastridge, so then she ccould just come along with my to the footballg ame even though i got out at 8. so i went to work, it was pretty good. time went by pretty decent. did a food run for hannah, and  saw/worked with kathrina for a bit so that was fun. then later on after much complications cheche came around the same time i got off work. so she got lost haha and so i told her to head to sears and ill meet up with her bc i wanted to show her these purple fila melrose shoes that were on sale for 30, so i wasnt sure if i should buy it. but in the end with her opinion, i did. then we rushed on over to forever 21 so she could return some jeans that she had bought and to get some other clothes. after, we got outo of the mall around 8 30, and rushed back home bc i needed to pick tiffany up to go hangout too. so once i got her and reached my house and was about to back out to head to school for the football game, i got a call from michelle asking me where i was. apparently the game was over and it ended at fcking 9, when usually the games are till fcking 10 30 and sht. not fcking cool at all. so we just decided to meet at school and just go hang out. so picked up michelle who had her dog,cindy and mharty. then we had to go pick up jherica at her cousins friends house behind the school. then later met up with christie, appy, diosa, kevin and jheymark at edges pool. but cindy and them were super hungry so i took them to verdes instead and had a happy feast. then around 11-12 i dropped everyone off and headed home with cheche. we got home and started right away on umma's bday card bc her bday was gna be on monday. took us awhile to set it up, but it ended up being super cutte<333. so after that it wa slike 2 in the faacking morning. so went to bed right away.
woke up at 5:30, annd took a quick shower and changed. got a text from the unnies to dress semi formal bc we were gna sell ticket. tripppin. but i decided to wear my dress under my sweats and hoodie. cos fck it was pretty cold in the morning. got ready and eveyrhting and left the house at 6 25 towards the san jose airport. til we looked at our virgin america tickets and realized that we'd be flying out from SFO. so that was a mther fcking fail. freaaal. so we were fcking late. so anh huy rushed to the airport, but we had to stop by homee again so he could get his wallet and phone. that lil fcker. so our flight was ast 7 15 and we got there at 7 25.... and apparently the flight left like 13 minutes ago. but thank goodness the next flight would be at 9 45, bc we hecka thought the next one would be at 1 20.. and that is not cracking. so we waited around for a hella long time and recorded a ddktv. then alte ron thought we wouldnt be able to be on the flight bc we were on standby but luckily we made the cut! so we were super glad. so we got our tickets and then went onto the plane. let me just say i LAAHV their planes. its all purple and legit; jsut like sooul plaane. haaay. annd i love how we could watch TV and sht. watching hannah montana and suite life killed time forsure. so by the time we landed we grabbed our sht and headed outside. waited for the unnies to come and we saw a gay guy get into this bright ass beamer and kissed his i suppose "boyfriend" it was like wtf, do you see thaat?! haha. then 5 minutes later the unnies came in a van. there was Mare driver, Ianne shotgun, Jerilyn and yvonne middle shotgun and susie in the back. and then winnie and i grabbed the last two back seats with me in bitch seat. i was super tired so slept for some car ride. and the unnies told us some stories. then finally reached the office plaza for the first time and saw everything. looked rpetty cool. so when we got out i took off the sweats and grabbed my cardigan. said hi to eeryone and toured the office. and apparently gamberlz were still at the hotel so they werent their yet. so walked around and danng it was pretty cool. korean BBQ<333 then chilled at the office, and the guys came i was soo nervous. and when COSMIC ROCKET CAME. ohbhelll naaw. ianne pointed him out to mee. hmmm. haaay boo. all i gotta say is SEALED AND SHIPPED TO ME. and i had just signed that sht off<3 so i went and changed out of the dress cos i forsure was not feeling it, into purple shorts and a MOB fck the rest shirt. after went back out to try to sell raffle tickets, and soon everyone was up to perform. GAMBLERZ WAS ONE HELL OF A FCKING SHOW<3 with jerilyn manning the 4c table, we were standing on top of our chairs screaming our heads off. first off with POP POP POP POP POP! haha and evyr time whn bbydadddy be coming on stage its all about oppa and saranghaae<3 then Kaba was up but we had to clean up ASAP to head over to the office to get ready for the meet and greet.

15th-Jul-2009 10:22 pm - Audreeeezy
Last night i watched the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince with LSK, Sugar&Spice, B.Do, Natalie&family. so brenda bought us tickets for the first show timing at 12:01. but sht got delayed and yeaah... it was alright. coulda been better but it was fun and cute though thats forsure<3 anywaays back to my day, bc of that i got home at 3:30 and woke up at 10:45 showered and had to go to the optometrist at 11:30. I got contacts today. and LMAO. i guess it usually takes a while to put it on for noobs but they donnt know that i wore chua's before so i caught on quick and finished in like fcking 10 minutes. so yaay me! then went home, and waited for a bit and drove chuas car to work at 2, but apparently Nia and Kathrina were working today, so i guess angelica didnnt tell me that she switched the schedule so i stayed for half an hour and then went home, but didnt go home but instead went out with audrey hong!<3 that girrrl, and told mom i was at work instead. so we chilled at barcode for a good three hours just talking and catching up it was great. and i love how there werent realy awkward moments with us, bc youd think there would since we havent talked to each other for like 3 years but tehre wasnt<3 so that was good. we talked about my life, her life, Korea, KPOP and DUDE SHE GAVE ME YB's auto that she got last summer on her trip to korea:] and forusre if she be going next year faack maaan, her and ehr uncle is forsure hooking it up. im happy we reunited before i went to Vietnam, since im leaving saturday, wanted to at least hanged. and decided to hang ont he 15 of august when i get back:]
8th-Jul-2009 12:41 pm - heellooo minhoo<3
just had the best dream ever! so im tryna blog it before i forget.

so it somehow started off with the Jonas brothers..... and my sister's boyfriend Trung, telling me who im "allowed" to date. and apparently it was Nick (soorrry Kenna). but then it straight jumped over to SHINee right after:] so it was me, my best friend tiffany, and this girl named Rachelle (chelley for short...) who was apparently a close friend of SHINee because she was one of their back up dancers, and she was like around my agee. Frm what i remeber she was cute, but luckily they all treated her like a siiisteer. <3 so it was us three girls and the 5 shinee boys in their hotel room.. don't even ask. so their were like 8 beds. but something "weird" happened, and key started to freak out thinking that their was some monster under like all the beds near the window, and so he started to fuck them up and scream and run away andd would hide on the ebd next to the door. it was weird. and i somehow got very irritated because he was fcking up my beed. BTW the room was split into two, so there was two smaller rooms i guess. i wa sin the room with the girls, and apparently Key was with us... leaving the boys in the other room. so in out room there was three beds set in a row and to the right of the bed was the window (dark outside) and keys bed was on the other side of the room, next to the door. and then something "weird" happened, and the other four boys started to freak out in the other side of the room, which is joint by a doorr that was always kept open:], so we ran over there and asked them what happened. and they said their LARGE like 4x a poster size poster was gone, and they dont know who took it. so we looked eveyrhwere for it but apparently couldnt find it. and we were like lost and confused because who the fuck would steal it or how the hell would they even hide somehting that big. but it got late so we  just ehaded to bed, and mines and tiffanys beds were the ones closer to the window, tiff was in the bathroom and right when i was gnna get ontot he bed, key runs over and fcks with my bed spread and then started yelling and pointing to under both mines and tiffany's pillow, and i looked, and apparently what i pulled out were the posters. the huge ass ones. fcking key was FCKING around.. lmao. then it jumped to the next scnee.

apparently i was with my old vietschool and they were having this BIIIG concert at this ncie ass place, so i went back to help out along with tiffany. and somehow, SHINee was TTHEREE to perform. i knwo right? wtf. but i aint complaining. and Trung was in charge of the boys and looked after them. o basicaly there was hella free time so Shinee, my, tiff and chelley were playing around. we had like those BIG yoga balls and minho first started to play and kick it around, adn then later all the boys joined in and eventually chelley and tiff, not me. i was sitting with trung and saying sht like duude thats minho, my future husband and pointing and nagging him to let us go with him and sht later on. aand he wa slike yeaah. yeaah. we'll see. and then i saw the ball fly in front of me from left to right, so i dcided to join in, so i started to go after the ball, bbecause no one did that i saw of. so i was running (and there was sand everywhere) and soon i felt someone was right behind me and guess who it was? it was ONEW. i was like oh helll naaw this fool is not gna steal my ball. we ran A LONG ASS WAY trust me the longest i've prolly ever ran, and even if we couldnt get the ball in our ahnd we would kick it so itd be farther, so at least neither of us could get it. but somehow in the end ONEW got it anyways and when we stopped he turned around and kicked it to the people, who were following behind us, catched up to us. Tiff was like WOW-ed because she knows how lazy my ass is and never woulda thought id run that fast and long. i looked at minho and he was smiling at me saying that i got stamina and sht. <33 (hell yeaah let me play one on one with him somedaay) and then we were messing around, and playing some more. so i headed back to get some water, and apparently Trung wasnt there anymore andi soon saw a big ass crowd of fans circling the area where our stuff was, so i ran back to the group and told them fan alert andthat we should get our stuff and go to the backstage or where the other people were so we could chill. wer were about to go but i was like uh you guys should just stay here and call trung to pick up since it would cause an even bigger scene. so us three headed back and grapped hella sht. like the ball, i was holding two baskets full of something, and there was two boxes filled with floating candles in them (with water!) clothes, and not to mention all of the bags. then later. Chi Thuy came in and asked us for these Oanh Vu nams, and telling us that we had to come baack the next day to do some phat tu crap. tiff and i were like ugh fuck tahtsht. then us theree girls started to walk inside to qwehre the main hall of the concert. then i saw my dad who was apparently working andd asked him to take us to the artist area because we were with "Shinee" :] and he had to drive us to like this other place, which was weird, and while ont he drive we tried to call the boys and ask them where they were at because the place that my dad was going to looked deserted and no one was there. so he dropped us off and luckily later on eveyrone else started coming, and that meant SHINee too<3 so i was sitting around this circle flower place with our stuff all around us, and then SHINee came and they all went to play some ball again besides me and Minho. and mind you he was wearing a SLEEVELELSS shirt, kinda like in his Juliette stuff bbut forsure a different color. and he gave me some chocolate which i stuffed down  really fast and then i ended up standing in front of him and he had a phone call and said it was for me, anndi was like "whaat?" but it sounded all weird because my mouthw as full and i had the phone by then, he said something, but i was looking at his toneed ass arms<33 irggh heaaven so i was asking him to repeat it, but i still didnt hear him, so i thought i spitted out some chocolate on him, once again making em look at his arms... but all he did was smile and laugh<3 sucha  fcking cutie so i was liek okaay. andthen he said "it's about notebooks for the office". i was like "why would you need notebooks for the office?"... and he started to say like long voacabs like " wouldn't it be good to write down some critical stuff that we would need?" and he had that pouting fface one and all i could saay was " yeaah of course you doo." and agree, (i somehow knew that they had mini notebooks with them also) so i answered the phone hello? and they were apparently asking for my aunt, who im assuming was gnna get them the hook up or something. so i was weirded out. and then i looked at minho and said "oh it's for my aunt." because the man was speaking in Vietnamese. and then minho smiled and leaned down to my ear andd said, "or we can always use those smaller notebooks that we have." and chuckled. DUUDe that waws THE HOTTEST SHT ALIVE. i was like stunned, and minho backed away and smiled like there was no tomorrow all i did was stare at himm:] holy sht. and then he pointed at the phone with his eyes and i was like oh sht. and totally forgot about that and asked again about who they were looking for and then soon handed the phone off to my aunt who was like 5 meters away. an then by the i came back. minho was sitting down hwere i was earlier facing the our friends watching and smiling at them play with the ball. and i soon was watching too and looked at minho because he turned around and smiled at me with that cheese of his and turned back to watch, right when i was gnna start a topic to talk about, my FUCKING PHONE RANG AND FCKING JESSICA WAS CALLING ME. SO I WAS MAD BECAUSE THE DREMA ENDED RIGH THEREE. its like WTF. i was having my mommeent alright?! so i didnt even pic up on her ass and ended the call real fast to see if i can pick up my dream where i left off. shiaaat. so i JUST woke up and thought that i needed to blog this before i forgot something and now io need to shower and go to sleep.
5th-Jul-2009 09:54 pm - SHINee Onew>Minho
This year, the best weekend of my life happened during the Hollywood Bowl Korean Music Festival from May 8-9, 2009. This year SHINee came and it was the next best band from Big Bang. So during my whole weekend stay, i never saw SHINee before the concert. They seriously made me go emotionally unstable. And being one of m favorites i actually got Minho a gift. I got him the Fareast Movement Animal shirt! http://www.dopeusa.com/servlet/Categories?category=Far*East+Movement , you can get the shirt here if you'd like to represent!<3 (yeep according to kiyoree and the7real, i am also part of their Street team. so when their new shirt came out, i kneww that Minho would wear something like that. So i got it and brought it to my HB weekend hoping to have the chance to give it to him.) So with the suspense of not seeing him til the concert i brought along his gift, thinking tha ti would somehow miraclously be able to hand it to him. and in this picture you can see me with my fansign and his shirt gift was rolled up tied with a ribbon.
<a href="http://s140.photobucket.com/albums/r15/lilmisstammy9/?action=view&current=HB004copy.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r15/lilmisstammy9/HB004copy.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
This was me before getting pickked up to head over to the Hollywood Bowl. we rolled 16 people deep. So having that gift on me the wholetime, obviously i never got or had a chance to hand the gift over, so by the end of the day, after the concert, i still had it on hand. I dont even need to say how friggen awesome and great the perf was, i was literaly speechless carefully watching Minho, and screaming my head off with my sign overhead whenever his part came up<3 But the only dissappointing part was that their act wa sshort and the apparently left before the Finale.....:(So when we got back to the hotel everyone was D-E-D tireeed. it was like literaly 1 in the morning. so we all decided to order takeout "cardboard" pizza, and decided to head down tot he lobby where theres chairs and couches to eat all together. So actually headed downstairs with MiMi unnie and met itswinniechu and evelyn unnies and said our hi's and talked for a bit near the elevators, and suddenly you heaar screaming form downstairs and its obvious it was someone, and BAM going up the escaltors in a looong ass line was SNSD and SHINee. and they was packing foreal, all hands were full with either their purses or shopping baags. and i just happened to be at the end of the escalator where everyone had to get off at. and i just so happened to also was carrying around my bag that had Minho's gift (i never went anywehre without it:]) and with mimi next to me, i handed her my camera andd asked her to take pictures. it was a long line, and Minho was behind Key, who were basically the last people, so as the first few SNSD girls came by, the crowd moved with them, leaving it like deserted for the people at the end, which i am not complaining about. so keeping my eye on minho and his blue plaid fedora coming up the escalators, my heart was skipping and i had no idea what to do at all, so when he eventually reached me with both of his hands full with shopping bags apparently, i had my gift and with both hands i extended it out to him saying his name, "Minho." and that was ALL i saaid, i was seriosuly starstruck and friggen speechless. i literally just stood still when he just walked by in front of me and when he hit 120 degrees, he paused and HE SAID THANK YOU AND BOWED. duudee i D-E-D AGAAAIN! like looking at him and hearing him UP CLOSE and PERSONAL. something that surely cannot be expressed in words. But in the end i was half sad and half suppeeer happy. sad because he didn't accept the gift, but a excuse for that would his hands  WERE full. and super happy bc of you already know why. but after OUR MOMENT, and his cheesy smilee *dieees* i stood still, i watcched him as he walked away from me and towards the elevators and MIMI happened to snap a bit blurry picture of him and nice gorgeous behindd<3 and must i saay even though those skinnys were SUPER tight on him, he worked it, worked it real good. Lets just say that the night ended greaaat!<a href="http://s140.photobucket.com/albums/r15/lilmisstammy9/?action=view&current=HB037copy.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r15/lilmisstammy9/HB037copy.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
so after my first attempt of Gift delivery straight to Minho didnt work, i was pretty much devestated, so all the unnies took it onto their part that i would safely and surely get my FM Animal shirt into the hannds of CHOI MINHO. and thats what i loveeeee about them!<3 being the maknaae is love in our family:] no matter how much they try not to spoil me they still indirectly do it! oaky so as the night went on, we ate and i soon headed up to our room with some of the unnies, Leeann, carol, and diffa. and being the determined, good unnies that they were, they started planning mt second attempt to get the gift to minho while i was in my semi-emo stage... trust me, fromt he tiredness and the starstruck-ness, to the realization that he really didnt accept the gift (even though his excuse was legit) adds up. it really does. and they planned everyhting out for me that we would wake up early and go downstairs to the lobby to wait for their depearture to the airport. we was gna wake up early and get minho no matter what!

the next daay.... whooooo. lets jsut say plans didnt really follow through and we eended up oversleep since we didnt get to bed til 4 am. the previous night. all i gotta say is i loveee the unnies, bc good thing friggen Ianne, Linda and Monica unnies came into the room around 9ish to wake us up, or they thought we were up. and back to that, GG to Yvonne unnie for staying up all night due to her college life habits that things went they way they did. so with that late wake up call, we all changed really fast and headed downstairs to the valet lobby hoping that i didnt miss themm yet. and good thing we didnt. so as we waited. Yvonne unnie called me askign where we were and that she sees Shinee's van and manager/stylist noona on the LOBBY. so i was like daaaang good looking out, bc we rrushed back up the escalators and waited on the side of the way out to the lobby. and in less than five minutes the screaming, rampaging fans came out fromt he elevaatorsarea, which did not give me time to prep myself and get ready. but luckily all the unnies were with mee<3 dude thats like +10 heads their for my moral support, so i was nervous but thanks to them it eased down just a littttle bit. so once again i saw him in his navy blue cap and jean jacket (that he hella worked bc dude who the heck wears jean jackets nowadays and look good in it? not a lot) and walking through the crowd leaving the fans trailing behind. with his backpack on and his right hand dragging his suitcase he stood next to onew. (who i at the time did not know who he was) because i was more ahead, Shinee walked by with ease bc their was barely any fans so without any moment to hesitate, when Minho walked by my area, i took a step forward and extended the gift that i held with both hands (which meannt i was blocking onew, because minho was on the farther side) and said "Minho, this is for you." he stared at it but kept on walking without  getting the gift. at that moment in my mind i was like "holly CRAP. wtf. hee didnt accept the gift," i was lost and sad and like shocked. but in that 1 second pause i had, all the unnies that were watcching saw, and being the closest to me, Monica unnie actually pushed me and i soon started to walk WITH them. and i kept on extennding my arms out to Minho (across/infront of onew) and saaying "Minho this is for you, this is for you." Until he finally smiled gave me a quick look and bowed. THAT WS WHEN I WAS LITERALLY D-E-D, is it possible to die three times in less than 24 hours? uh yeaaah apparently, bc i am living proof! and Yootina actually was there and recording so here's a link to her video on YT and if you watch at 15-20 seconds, you see Onew obviously cos he is decked out in white and to his right was Minho, and i am wearing glasses in a Black hoodie, and you can see mee! and<3 much thanks to yootina for actually capturing my part. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GQ9tAQ1bXw 
and then after Minho actually accepting the gift i paused again for a good 4 seconds and let me tell you 4 seconds is long to the fangirl kingdom, bc by then all the fans that were behind them bum rushed up and over passed me. and i turned over real fast to look at all the unnies and the all told me to go and follow them<3 they were my strength when i was weak, and by just looking at them liek that i was so happy and satisfied and soon followed suit with everyone else, and got to glance at minho before he entered the van. and jsut liek that they were off. and out of my world, so fast like how they came into it. it was just wow for me that everything that happened. the aftermath was unbelievable because for the rest of the day and days after i was soo quiet and in such a good mood. beause i am usually the aggressive, loud  person... but like i said Minho makes me go emotionally unstable<3 that was my story. a

nd now to see that ONEW here actually wore tha animal shirt. i AM SO HAPPY and THANKFUL! even though the shirt was for minho, im still glad to know that minho actually did keep it all this time and actually shared with his hyung leadaa. and all i know is that ONEW officially upgraaded<3 and i would liek to hope that the shirt was "too small" for minho but its liek duddee. my 5 foot 11 inches skinny cousin can fit a medium. so i HOPE the next time if i do ever see that shirt worn again i hope minho wears it. but haay ONew is posing real good in it! and like i said earlier if you guys want to get the shirt, i wouldn't mind at all, cos haay we ALL should wear couple shirts wwith onew<3 and you can get it at the FAREASTMOVEMENT SITE ABOVE! (FM is also a good collaborater with soompi who is theeee BOMB and if you do remeber them from the Epik High Map the Soul tour here in america, plus their music is bomb! just visit FMonyourdial.com)


30th-Nov-2008 09:39 pm - Novemeber 3, 2008

Todayy, i didn't sleep till around 2-3ish last night? FANFICS! what can i saay? im addicted.  SUYIN ftw. :]  annnnd thenn motheeer dear over here comes into the room before she goes to work and tells me to wake up and do the laundry then go on the treadmill for an hour to excercise-___- OH btw, mmama said she'd buy me camera if i'd excercise an hour a daayx] yee.. the only way i wll excercise. hahha. buuh yeaah i didnt wake up till three hours later around 12ish annd actually did all of tat. Showered after annd clled In to drive me to work! Toda was my first dat working at Formal Headquarters, it's a Tuexedo Rental place. pretty chilled worked 3-7. Four hours. ddnt really do anything though. LMAO just broke own returned tuxs, and lets just say some were hella nasty. saw Monica Joy before she left and spent time talking to Hannah, then for the second half, two hours i just did HW or brokedown the clothes. pretty eassy. can't waiit to work some mre. annnnd hopefully i'll be getting in HOURS. cooos i need money im broke. i jsut bought TWO colonize hoodies on EBAY, i bid for it! that sht bettter be autehtic cos tey said it'd be in th originall ziplock and all that good sht. oo *crossFingers* and im ireeed. ima retireee.



-VIRMAN IS TOTALLY YB STATS<333333s Monica Unnie.
14th-Nov-2008 07:19 pm - ISA09 meeetiinng
whooo yesterday was craaazy. so it was a thursday, still one more day of school to go. school seemed to go by soooo slooooow. especially with me waiting for the meet up afterschool. but i got a text from Carol unnie about mimi unnie's car breaking down. so we werent gnnna go head out to see Proh oppa , linda and mamaD no more. BUT. i got another text later saying we were gnna go to justines to meet up with carol unnies car. haha she was scared her babby wasnt gnna make it! lmao. but yee it did the job. it was 6th period and i got in it was around 1 o clock. and i was thinking daamn im gnna be out for almost 12 hours..... haha but naaaw it was worth it all. after school waited around infront fo the large gym for carol. and when she got theree, her phone died and she didnt know which house was mimis so LUCKILY, this old nice vvietnamese lady kinda helped us and found her house. shiaaat good luck ro what? theen mimi drove carols care because she waaas ehh about it! lmao. we had "carol" MIMI's GPS get us to justines had a lil traffic so got there around 5 ish. got theree saiid our annyoungs and headed out on mon's cousins vaan(thesameonethatweusedforyvonnesdinnerthing) loooooong drive cos of the traffic going into the cityyy. so car arrangements was mon, soccer mom, Justine shotgun with "cinnamon", mimi and carol int he middle shotgun and winnie(pickedherupfromoakland.crazzzzy) me and jerilyn sat in the back. we talked alot. it was really fun and watched some BB perfs from my iphone until it started to loose batteries. then we reached sabrina's crib in the city. but she wasnt home yet so we waited in the car, and booy was it hot ish in theree. mon offered Halls so we took some. lmao. and then sabrina came home went inside and DAMN WAS THAT SHT NICe. lmao. it was sick and i love the balcony, and fck her club house thingie that the apartment place offers is off the chaain. i could live in THERE. had like a whole kitchen/bar like area in the back and a POOL table. mhhmm. and tables here and there and couches in front of the TV. i was in heaven. mimi jerilyn and i played pool until we waited for proh oppa mama D and linda to come. apparently, oppa was driving and somehow got them to the san fransico airport. LMAO. ahhaha. but they eventually made it. whoooo. it was like dannng theree heree:] haha. but i had to admit kinda awkward turtle at teh start of the meeting but after the food came(thankgoodnesscosmystomachwasgrowlinglikeheckwheniwassittingnexttojerilynunnie!) it got much ebtter. we all got mroe comfortable. ohh seating was, like we made a square. where on one side it was jerilyn and then me shared a seat, then mon, adjacent to our side was sabrina, justine, mimi, and carol, adjacent to their side was winnnie and then Proh oppa, and adjacent to them was Mama D and Linda. but yeah, kinda cant saay much cos the meeting was CONFIDENTIAL. soo heeehe:] but didnt get home till liek 1 and KNOCKEDOUT. had school the next day.

woke up 10 minutes befre my first period started-___- no one tried to wake me up. danng. but i made it. thankgoodness. i was supper tired. and didnt even do HOMEWORK cos of the events the night before. soo good thing Academy of Finance was going on a filedtrip to San Jose state university. so no english or math! but damn english homework i ahve two explications duee-___- WTF. hate that sht. RUGHHH. but yeaaah. went through the day and got back at lunch and went to the powderpuff meeting. and FCK. they wanna start early? wth. its junior year i have other priorities and sht too you know. but w.e. im not gnna even worryh about that sht yet. then sixth period was viet watched a viet"scary" movie but i went to sleep instead, and then 7th was LINKCREW! i FCKING HATE IT! haha stupidddd shhht. then got out and headed to Yogurtland with Anotione, Connie, steve and jefferey. it was goood. and then dropped everyone off. and got home. im tireed as fck. so byee byyye. ANNYOOOOUNNG!

12th-Nov-2008 04:29 pm(no subject)
Finally, back at school after a four day weekend of staying at home and catching up on my Asian Drama. but today waaas ehhh. it didn't feel like a shorter day when we had early release at school. started off waking up at 6:45, still hella early..-_-;; but had time so i made some food togo for school. got to school for the Leadership team meeting. hellaaa boring. FCK good thing HOMECOMING IS OVER! im sooo happy about that. and Ms. Dinh was tripping balls when she said that this was one of the best homecoming..... it was the WORST! fcking hated it.

RECAP last friday was hella shitty. First it was Quad Day at lunch, where we hella didn't do shit for because of all the time that we spent on Airband. but whateveer. and urgh hate my class. soo NERDY! no ones spirited or anything. gayshits. but whoooo drove Chua's convertible around to park it in the bus loading zone. that was fcking fun. and that was when everything went downhill. starting off with the TAILGATE! WTF. it was soo not cool. first of all not to offend Theresa or anything but fck! that sht was so disorganize and i was fcking fed up. dibsht. and how the fck can she put teh classes all the way at the end, and we didn't even end up making money but lost moneey. >:[ BLAH. and everything was irritating me and fck, everyone just left and sht. so stayed at school til like 5-6 ish then went home to change for the Football game  vs. Prospect. but nooo that wasnt all. got a  call from POLLOCK about the float. and that hella like just hit the spot for mee. the parade people were so FCKING STUPID! how can they not follow the rest of the floats into the bus loading zone but stayed int he otuside parking lot. and it didnt even stop there, they fcking told pollock to move it to the other side when HELLLO?! THAT SHTS FCKING LOCKED UP. and that made POLLOCK pop a BTCH and the stupid shit ass tent fell off. and poor jess had to go retreieve it on the other side of the streeet. and then when i got back to school to "try to fix it up" stupid lil mexican girls were stealing our posters and balloons and sht. URGH. i was too overwhelmed and wanted to fcking cry so baaaad. Good thing Appy, amy, elena and stuff were there or damnn i woulda went crazy. thee we kinda cleanedish but when i was off on the side, i was hella gnna break, especially when Jherica called me to see where i was at. but she looked so happy coming to the game to see her BF, i didnt want to ruin it for her. soo ehhhh. but things got better. and we were like W>E with our class float. and it looked like sht anyways. and theeeen after alla that, hanged out with Jharvis and friends for the rest of the night. ENG RECAP.

but yeaah. the meeting. ended at first period. went to accounting it was okay? just did studyguides outta the book. EnglishAP. I HATE THAT CLASS. i hate english. i hate ALLL of my teachers, bcos im not learning sht from them and thats not really good for me. but damn warren is sucha wow. i have an 84%!!!! I FCKING B. and not were doing explicaations that are hella fcking hard. i dont evenn udnerstand the basics and were moving onto thee  hard sht. wow. anyways. we didnt have rbeak today since its an early release, so went to fourth period, math anlysis with castillo. he's soo weird. and he sucks. woont learn from him. but hay i scored an 65 outa 50 on a tst thanks to the extra credits!:] then lunch. no lunch class meeting. chilled at the office and ate,. ate. i ate a lot today. then 5th period, did nothing. 6th period viet, took a test, and HOA wasnt here to help me. but good thing the quiz answers were in our notebooks. lmao. thenn 7th! CHEMISTRY, urgh i got a 426 ouuta 500, im pretty diisappointed for getting that grade. i was hoping forsomething better since hella ppl got higherr scores. even CHRISTIAN! that lil sht head. but i guess. hes pretty smart even though he doesnt do sht. and then afterschool, sarah took my stuff and headed to the office while i headed over to pollocks room to clean since we didnt this moring>.< but sadly pollock left back to santa cruz. but i saw jharvvis. didnt really get to talk to him since i was on the phone with pollock for awhile to ask him some stuff. but daamn bumped into Mr. Ellison! hot ass, haha. prettty much. then Diosa came and walked with ehr to the office, chilled. and we got our eladership team sweaters! BUT FCK! THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!! fcking dumbasss screen printing company stitiched our fcking names and positions on the sleeve when its suppose to be on our shirt, thee chest part. i paid fcking 25 for that sht. not right at all. dibshts. and then jessica came over for some food and then left. and then i just finsihed annotating my eng homework. and now im doing this. my fcking hands are hruting. so im gnna stop and maybe sleep? GDnight unes.haha. hella early.

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